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The income of the Average of Sale of Garage Downwards

Many economists rely on economic indicators to predict consumer expenses and health of riches of the nation. Using such data they can predict economic tendencies, business cycles and industry movement. It is surprising all accessible data there and all various methods which consider as the dominating economic theory. Nevertheless so to see frequent we not in a condition the most obvious tendencies. For example simple things as noncommercial donations of the collector of money of a sink of cars above the prices for the ticket or volume of the cars restraining with drivers, freely concordant to offer for the good reason. In addition one of the best economic indicators which I saw, is average acquisition of sale of garage on middle class vicinities.
Actually the economy of sale of garage – very valuable indicator, but desperate Professors of academy at university Level is completely blind to something that obvious. Number of sales of garage – the indicator of shaken out consumers, number of buyers also. But the income at average sale of garage in middle class suburb – the ominous indicator for descending tendencies of a business cycle, and even the future is sold at retail by Christmas Sales.
Those who disappears behind numbers and does not look at obvious things, such as economic indicators of sale of garage, fool itself. Actually these indicators, apparently, dance a jive with retail purchase during the Christmas Season, increase of limits of the credit of a maximum of a credit card and the tonnage of the truck which one percent in only month has dived. Expensive economists, please remove the blind bends and the validity, forward if you try to create the new validity which is while Ms. with such truisms see, you all will be similar to fools more likely, than you think.

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